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Discussing Mere Christianity Study Guide: Exploring the History, Meaning, and Relevance of C.S. Lewis's Greatest Book


The people want to vote!”–the most oft-repeated catchphrase of the lottery debate. Even politicians who declare themselves personally opposed to a state-run lottery try to justify their support of it because “the people want to vote.” But politicians know full well that they have not been honest with the people when it comes to a lottery–that this debate isn’t over whether or not they should be able to buy scratch-offs in Alabama. No, for politicians and for bureaucrats, the lottery is merely a means to an end–and that end is bigger government. If the people only knew what was really going on in Montgomery, they would staunchly oppose giving politicians more of their money to spend.

Words ‘progress’ and ‘development’ that all the three of you espouse only happen to people and states where there is no negativity. Can development come to a state where everyone is angry and hungry for power? Lectures, radio jingles and large print advertisements are mere means to achieve power, not steps towards the betterment of the state.


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