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  • MO (modus operandi or method of operation) and signature—the personal mark or imprint of the offender.
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Miracle Mongers and Their Methods: A complete expose of the modus operandi of fire eaters, heat resisters, poison eaters, Venomous reptile defiers, sword swallowers, human ostriches, strong men, etc.


Modus Operandi: Origin: from Latin 'mode of operating', formed by mode 'way or mode' and operari 'work or operating'. Meaning: someone's habits or manner of working, their method of operating or functioning.

A modus operandi or MO comes from the Latin phrase meaning “mode of operation”. Basically, all criminals have a method of operation that encompasses their habits, techniques, and any peculiarities of behavior. The method can stay the same, but it will often grow and evolve over time as the criminal becomes more skillful at committing a specific crime.


Modus operandi - How is modus operandi abbreviated?

(plural ) is a phrase, approximately translated as “method of operation”. The term is used to describe someone’s of working, particularly in the context of business or criminal investigations. In , it is often shortened to However in this case it actually refers to the beer by Wild Beer Co….. but hey kudos to me for throwing in some educational pieces for all you lovers of useless facts. Shall we continue with the useless facts or do we discover what the Modus Operandi of The Wild Beer Co. is all about with regards to this beer… the beer? I figured that would be your answer.