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  • A community building at 's Bluffs Park was named
  • Le 3 septembre, parents et amis de Michaël Lapointe se réuniront sur les lieux du drame afin de fixer une croix en sa mémoire.
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L.A. Apocalypse

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It's just not William Foster's (Michael Douglas) day. Laid off from his defense job, Foster gets stuck in the middle of big traffic jam. Foster on his way to attend his daughter's birthday party at the home of his ex-wife (Barbara Hershey), Foster leaves his vehicle and begins walking, running into one problem after another. He also slowly loses it, finally snapping at a fast food restaurant (a spoof of McDonald's) that refuses to serve him breakfast because he was late. Foster also known as "D-FENS" because of his custom license plate quickly becomes a source of terror to some, a hero to others. It's up to hesitant cop Prendergast (Robert Duvall), on the eve of retirement, to bring Foster down. Douglas and Duvall nail their roles within this well written movie. If you haven't seen this movie you are in store for a nice work.

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In 1957, Candlelight Records released a Michael Landon single, "Gimme a Little Kiss (Will "Ya" Huh)"/ "Be Patient With Me" during the height of his notoriety for role in the film, . Some copies show the artist credited as the "Teenage Werewolf" rather than as Michael Landon.[] In 1962, both the A- and B-side of the record were re-released on the Fono-Graf label that included a picture sleeve of Landon's then-current work on as . In 1964, released another Landon single, "Linda Is Lonesome"/"Without You". All of Landon's singles have since been issued on by as part of a various artists compilation.