• by Michael Lutin
  • " Michael Lutin is the Mick Jagger of astrology."
  • Michael Lutin (Writer) & Michel Quarez (artist) - MOD LOVE (1967) -
  • Michael Lutin (Writer) & Michel Quarez (artist) - MOD LOVE (1967) -

Michael Lutin (Writer) & Michel Quarez (artist) - MOD LOVE (1967) -

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At one point, Miller told a story about a woman who approached her and former Vanity Fair astrologer Michael Lutin and asked, in a huff, if she should pursue her dream of becoming an astrologer. She recalled Lutin telling the woman, “You don’t choose astrology,” she paused, and then went on, with a chorus of audience members chanting along with her, “astrology chooses you.”

Cheeky, blunt, a tad naughty, Michael Lutin has turned an ancient art on its ear. Don't expect his astrological forecasts to portray us mere mortals as victims of our signs, "trapped in a whirlwind of inequity," as Mr. Lutin puts it.


Astrology at its best by Michael Lutin.

Michael Lutin, astrology columnist for Vanity Fair magazine for 25 years, has spoken before the Harvard Business School Alumni and at the National Press Club ini Washington D.C.

In addition to lectures, workshops, and seminars internationally he is the author of four musical plays and four books including Sunshines, the Astrology of Being Happy.