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  • The Mighty Ducks DVD box set includes all 3 disney movies.

The Mighty Ducks Three-Pack (The Mighty Ducks / D2: The Mighty Ducks / D3: The Mighty Ducks)


The most memorable tidbit is when Yamborghini describes a time when the whole A$AP Mob were fighting over a Mighty Ducks Box set while on tour. Apparently it was so heated “somebody could have died that night.” Watch A$AP Mob’s spirit guide vividly describe the night in detail, and then click on over to cop the dope curation that has separated VFiles from the pack.

curtis Scott Howell I better see you both there Thursday, got a new move to show u all. A bit like the Flying V from mighty ducks. I'm disappointed the Ducks didn't/couldn't go with a Mighty Ducks throw back jersey for their outdoor game. I wanna watch Mighty Ducks right now haha. One of my favorite childhood movies. Get me the Mighty Ducks Box Set & Fresh Prince for Christmas so I know it's real.


Mighty Ducks Box (DVD) Sold by Sears