• what mini sagas are?
  • The English Lesson  By Bronwen (because I enjoy writing Mini Sagas too!)
  • 1. Gracias a  por la inspiración para escribir mis Mini Sagas.
  • 3. Puedes descargar un manifiesto fotografico de las Mini Sagas en ChangeThis.Dejo el link –



Michelle Awuku, founder and leadership development coach at My Factor Coaching and Consulting posted on her blog about the lessons learned from the mini sagas. Here is the link:

At the point of writing, I just “wished” that somebody will interpret the lessons from these mini sagas and post them somewhere. That happened today.


Mini Sagas by Podium MC - issuu

Mini sagas offer many different opportunities in lessons to explore stories and their meanings. They can be used in lessons as a starter in order to introduce a story, a person or an event. Because of their cryptic nature, students have to work out or guess their meaning, but also mini sagas as a starter can create curiosity and there is engagement right at the beginning of the lesson.