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The Late, Lamented Molly Marx: A Novel


"Though the anticipated delicious revelation doesn't quite live up to expectations, the narrative's heavy dose of hilarity and heartbreak will win readers over." - Publishers Weekly

"Part mommy lit, part murder mystery, this novel will attract attention from Koslow's fans." - Library Journal

"Koslow authentically details the privileged world Molly must leave behind, but her tragicomic heroine is neither tragic nor comic enough." - Kirkus Reviews

"Molly Marx speaks from the grave with a voice that is fresh, funny and warm. In examining Molly's late, lamented life, Sally Koslow delivers a story about marriage, motherhood, and friendship that anyone who has ever been a spouse, a parent, or a friend will recognize. And who knew hanging out with the dead could be such a delight!" - Meg Waite Clayton, author of

"Never has a voice from the grave sounded so delightful. Darkly comic, unflinchingly romantic, The Late, Lamented Molly Marx is a page-turner from the word go." - Michelle Richmond, author of

Molly Marx led an enviable life—until she was found dead along the bank of the Hudson River. A young wife and mother, Molly now finds herself in The Duration, where, with the help of a refreshingly unorthodox guide, she can observe the friends and family she left behind: her plastic surgeon husband who even in mourning can't control his wandering eye, the handsome colleague she found irresistible, a fiercely competitive twin sister, her controlling mother-in-law, a loyal but confused friend, and—most important—her purest love, a three-year-old daughter. As Molly watches them try to untangle the events leading to her mysterious end, she relives her past and learns the fates of those she cherished most (and least).

Exploring marriage, fidelity, friendship, family, and mortality, is a playful yet tender love story about a flawed but charming woman, forced—better late than never—to take responsibility for the choices in her complicated life.


Ich, Molly Marx, kürzlich verstorben

Molly Marx is dead, dead, dead, but she doesn’t feel it and isn’t ready to let go. She looks down from “the Duration” on the world she left and the people she loves with a decidedly other-worldly perspective but with her sense of humor still alive and kicking.