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Momofuku Milk Bar


Purple Drink is just about the best name ever for a soft serve flavour. Immediately I thought of Dimetapp-flavour, fake grape! I also adore (from afar, Vancouver BC!) the inventive and adventurous nature of Momofuku Milk Bar!

For those not in the know (and for those who missed ), the Momofuku Milk Bar compost cookie–created by genius pastry chef Christina Tosi–is an explosively rich and buttery cookie packed with the most unexpected flavors: pretzels, potato chips, Rice Krispies and chocolate. Somehow all those flavors (and calories) work together to produce an unforgettable cookie; one that–when you eat it at the actual location–makes you think to yourself: “I could never make it this good at home.”


Pink lemonade soft-serve at Momofuku Milk Bar.

Last week was my almost-husband Andy’s birthday and this was his cake. From the moment I saw the Momofuku Milk Bar Cookbook and I flipped past this gorgeous, sprinkle-laden cake, I knew it was worthy of a special birthday. Since my turn to pick the recipe for Milk Bar Monday coincided with my fiancé Andy’s birthday, I knew this was the cake he was getting. I mean, how could I make him this cake?