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  • Drive: A Motivational Book by Daniel Pink

The Motivation Manifesto


Author, Todd Henry has transformed his popular podcast into this motivational book. It’s ideal for anyone who has to be creative on demand such as writers, marketers and even business owners. This book will help you uncover what’s at the core of your blocked and frustrating creative moments. And then helps you create workable resolutions.

In this inspiring and motivational book, Howard Schultz; the Starbucks CEO tells a personal and engaging story of Starbucks’ roller coaster rise, fall and slow resurgence. This book has plenty of valuable lessons about management and leadership, but you will learn more about the mindset and strategies of Schultz and what defines him as a person and as a leader. Because it’s written in the first person, this book reads more like a business biography, but you’ll find that the stories, and examples teach as well as inspire.


Self-Motivation Workbook - Evolution Ezine

But instead what we’re providing you here are the today's top ten motivational books … the most life-changing, motivating, captivating, and raved-about books written for people living today.