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Rush Direct Ultra Chewy Naturals Dog Treats, Beef Trachea, 7 Count


The first time the items arrived one bag of food had been opened a little on one end. The bag was suppose to be rolled down and glued, and it seemed that the glue had partially come undone. I assume this was a fluke in the manufacturers end, however I felt uncomfortable giving the food to Henry on the off chance that it could have been poisoned. I contacted mr chewy about the problem and they apologized and sent me a replacement bag right away, free of charge. So their customer service is commendable as well. We’re definitely fans of mr chewy now!

I never thought I’d be one of those people who has their dog’s food delivered to their doorstep. I frequent pet supply stores, I love to get out and about and be social with my dog, so why bother? Mr Chewy does deliver.


Mr. Chewy Bitems - Dexter's Laboratory Wiki - Wikia

Mr. Chewy has a huge selection of dog food online and I love that the descriptions provide all the information you could want in an easy to find, easy to read format which makes comparing products easy so you don’t have to trapse all over the pet store and lug out bags to do your comparisons. Mr Chewy offers everyday low prices on top brands of food and necessities like flea and tick control. Another bonus is having the heavy bag delivered to your door!