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  • Mr Uppity
  • The King told him that if he was rude to anyone again he would shrink back to being tiny. Read the book to see if Mr Uppity learnt his lesson!

Mr. Uppity (Mr. Men and Little Miss)


As he is probably the most stuck-up, richest, most rude Mr Man in the UK. so it follows that he is not very popular. Thankfully the goblins take a real interest in Mr Uppity, and use all of their magic powers to frighten him into changing.

Mr Uppity lives in the largest house in the whole of Misterland. He has the biggest garden and lives there all on his own. He is rude to everyone he comes across.

One Day when Mr Uppity was exploring his gardens, he met a little goblin who he told to hop off, but the goblin's magic turned Mr Uppity very small!
Of course, Mr Uppity shouted and screamed at the goblin, but he didnt turn him back, so he followed the little creature to his own land and met the King of the goblins,


mr uppity mr mean mr chatterbox mr rude

He was great flicked through the different books and choose his favourite Mr Men book and then made the face in the mirror, with Mr Happy and Mr Sad he was brilliant but Mr Uppity his favourite book looked just like Mr Happy. It was great to watch him try and pick my faces out though (and no I haven’t got any pictures of me making the faces).