• Mr Toads Wild Ride Disneyland
  • Mr Toads Wild Ride Disneyland
  • To raise money for the School to School project Mr Wild is organising a Dinner Party at Hillers on Saturday 2nd July 7.30pm - late
  • (Mr Snaylˊs Wild Ride - Season 2 Ep 36) - Duration: 8 minutes, 1 second

Mr. X


Mr. Wild has been teaching at Dunnington since January 2007. Before becoming a teacher he was a professional actor specialising in theatre in education and living history projects. Mr Wild loves to enthuse his students through all aspects of his teaching when delivering the curriculum. He is Literacy co-ordinator at Dunnington and believes passionately in raising standards in literacy across the school. He also co-ordinates P.E and runs several clubs including Tag Rugby and Badminton. Mr Wild has also introduced Bell Boating to our school and helps the students participate in regattas in Warwickshire and Worcestershire.

I love shooting a humorous photo and this special release from Carrie , Mr and Mrs Wild Bunny complete with Easter Bunny hats and cute fluffy tails. Mr Wild outfit includes these sexy long mesh pants the bow-tie and cuffs to complete the look. While Mrs Wild has bows trimming her skirt , stockings and lower edge of that gorgeous leopard print paneled corset. With her long gloves and matching bow tie she looks ready for anything alongside her partner in crime.


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