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Hurricanes don’t need amps, and neither do the . The venerable German rock band is unplugging for its next release, a CD/DVD package of its recent ‘MTV Unplugged’ appearance.

The Smithereens on MTV Unplugged. Recorded December 13, 1989. Featuring Graham Parker on “Behind the Wall of Sleep” as well as a medley including Sam Cooke’s “Cupid.”


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Bassist Krist Novoselic took a more kidding attitude about what the band was up to, telling MTV's cameras that the idea was "to show off our softer side — like scented toilet paper." Later, Novoselic said, seeming to damn with faint praise, "Doing MTV Unplugged was a lot of fun…It was a Nirvana triumph, but it's also Nirvana Lite. But it was cool that we managed to pull it off. At least I got to play my accordion."