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Bing Crosby helped to define the music of the 1940s as well as much of the music today. Most famous for his rendition of “White Christmas,” Crosby was a great musical talent during his day and musicians continued to be influenced for several decades, including Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, and Dean Martin. He was also a prominent entertainer in the field of improving troop morale during the war as he appeared several times to perform for them. Crosby instilled the idea into popular music that a performer could be a genuine artist rather than becoming a novelty act. He opened the door for future artists to have a well-rounded persona with lyrics that had significance. His popularity continued to throughout the 1940s and he also appeared in several movies. During the 1944- era, he was the largest box office draw in the world and his legacy continues to this day.

Radio was the lifeline for Americans in the 1940's, providing news, music and entertainment, much like television today. Programming included soap operas, .

Listen to the sounds and music of the 1940's. These sounds have been compressed to allow you to easily hear them over the internet. To appreciate the music .

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