• MyDietAnalysis is an easy online tool for analyzing nutrient intake and activity. You can use MyDietAnalysis in the following ways.
  • Shapiro on my diet analysis: You have a mix of calcium containing stones
  • MY DIET ANALYSIS by Sukh Singh on Prezi

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MyDietAnalysis offers an accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use program for your students’ diet analysis needs. Developed by the nutrition database experts at ESHA Research, Inc. and tailored for use in college nutrition courses, MyDietAnalysis features a database of nearly 20,000 foods and multiple reports. MyDietAnalysis is available at a significant discount when packaged with the text. The new 2.0 CD-ROM features multiple profiles, a unique activity assessment, and a friendly user-interface. The new 3.0 online version additionally features serving size help, more ethnic foods, and a unique annotation feature on reports so students can respond to the assignment right on the report.

To analyze my diet I decided to record everything I eat every day. I did this during one week. At first, I did this on a separate sheet of paper, but then I downloaded a special program to analyze the results of my nutrition. I used MyDietAnalysis 3.0. Moreover, I read information about healthy food. For example, I found a lot of interesting facts about nutrition in Annette Smith’s “Healthy Food.” This author stresses the importance of drinking much water. It is one of the most important things the human body needs every day. It is even recommended to start each morning with a glass of water and only then have breakfast.


MyDietAnalysis Project Part One