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In version 1.1 we added geo fencing option, this is now you personal activity manager against Geo location make your life comfortable for free with this application. Using my location finder you can search any location on map, keep track of your visited location. During development we focus on personal security and comfort, My location finder not publish your any data or location over internet.Features:1) Search your desired location.2) My tracks section save your all visited location tracks.3) Clear Track feature to remove all visited locations.4) You can share your location over social network.5) GPS on/off feature.6) Add Places and get notification as you entered.7) Auto Ringer Volume management. 8) Auto WiFi management.9) Auto Bluetooth management.10) Fast and smooth performance with easy to understand interface.11) Geo Fencing.
How to use Geo Fencing Feature:1) Press and hold finger (Long tap) on map to add place.
2) Tap on any tagged place and you can change name, radius of fence and also add events.


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