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Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix in My Own Private Idaho

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"My Own Private Idaho" is the movie, in my opinion, that showed thetrue talent of River Phoenix. I was sitting on the couch one nightflipping through the channels and saw that River was in it and Ithought "Why not? Hes a good actor". This movie absolutely blew meaway. Its this sad and heartful story abut a young boy who is abandonedand is thrown into a life he never should of fathomed of having. He hasto sell him self just to get a meal. This movie has touched so manyhearts and inspires so many!! River isn’t the only great actor, KeanuReeves does a wonderful supportive job. His character is a rebelagainst his political dad (trying to make him look bad…typicalteenager!!). His and River’s paths of live cross and they becometraveling buddies!!Its a movie that you’ll never forget and i think itbecomes more powerful as the years go on. I have to say, movie loversreally do miss River Phoenix. He was a great person and hopefully headchieved all that he wanted to.

Although not winning as much praise as his roles in Running on Empty and My Own Private Idaho, 16-year-old Phoenix won the Young Artist Award for Best Young Male Superstar in Motion Pictures for his part in The Mosquito Coast, which is probably a pretty big deal to any sixteen-year-old. And if you have a knack for nostalgia, then you’re in for sure trip with this film. Expect to find a young Harrison Ford and a young Helen Mirren frolicking around in the jungle whilst playing parents to an even younger River Phoenix. Now that’s enough to send any ’80s fan into a head spin.


My Own Private Idaho (1991) - IMDb

Interview is feeling old. Tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of Gus Van Sant's third, and perhaps most Portland film, My Own Private Idaho. Before Baz Luhrmann brought Romeo and Juliet to Verona Beach, and teen idols Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger fell in love in Brokeback Mountain, Idaho explored Henry IV through a group of Portland street kids, and teen idol River Phoenix divulged his love for Keanu Reeves' character in a heartbreaking fireside chat. Van Sant has chosen to honor this anniversary with a 12-hour compilation of Phoenix's scenes and outtakes, My Own Private River, edited by the ubiquitous James Franco. We have chosen to revisit Gini Sikes and Paige Powell's interview with Reeves and Phoenix featured in our November 1991 issue. Special Interview points to Gus Van Sant for casting an Andy Warhol favorite, Udo Kier, as one of Phoenix and Reeves' clients.