my problem is that - this is the actual size always
  • My problem is you
  • My problem is I'm an addictive personality
  • my problem is that this is the actual size always - | Make a Meme
  • My problem is that I can't come unless Johnny Cash is playing

Hello! My Name is Public School, and I Have an Image Problem


But my current problem is more annoying. If I want to download a large app or a new video, my iPhone tells me that I cannot do so. But iTunes tells me that I can add more files. How can I find out who is telling the truth? There is no reason why these two numbers should be any different; surely Apple can figure out a method for both iTunes and an iOS device to calculate this free space the same way.

My problem is this: I am 54 and my husband is 55. We have been married for 27 years. We have four grown children. Twice he has had an affair with someone much younger, once fifteen years ago and now last December I found out he'd been seeing a 25 year old on and off for about a year. He wont tell me anything about what happened, so its hard to be sure how long it was going on. I found out through other people and his weird behaviour. I was very surprised because we get along well, and I thought him incapable of doing something so cruel to me. We live in a very small town (1000) and everyone knew before me, and this person lives close to our home and my work, so I occasionally run into her without wanting to. It has been very humiliating; I feel really vulnerable.


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