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New MyDevelopmentLab with Pearson Etext - Valuepack Access Card - for Child Development

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Provides strong applications, and integrated learning objectives and assessment. Students who want to know "What does current research say?" and "Why is this important?" will appreciate both the applied nature of this text and the clarity and rigor of the authors' presentation of current research. An exceptional pedagogical package that ties the textbook to online MyDevelopmentLab study tools complements the student-centered approach of the book and offers students the benefit of frequent self-assessment.

MyDevelopmentLab is an easy-to-use learning management system. Students complete an online self-assessment, and the results generate a customized self-study plan, including a variety of tools to help them master the material. MyDevelopmentLab then reports these results to the instructor. It is an interactive and instructive multimedia resource that can be used as a supplement to a traditional lecture course or can be used to completely administer an online course. Its power lies in its design as an all-inclusive tool, combining an online version of the textbook plus multimedia tutorials, simulations, biographies, and controlled assessments to completely engage students and reinforce learning.


Plus NEW MyDevelopmentLab with eText -- Access Card Package

Purchased separately, the student resources in MyDevelopmentLab have a total retail value of $135, but students get access at no additional cost with their text purchase! Visit for more details.