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Forever: Book One of The Abandoned

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Mysteries for teens, which is the YA market starting at age 12, so includes tweens, is an interesting genre. It combine suspense and sleuthing with all the teenage angst and social commentary you’d find in a regular young-adult novel. Mystery books for teens can have elements of different genres, such as dystopia, psychological thriller, and romance. They don’t need to be strictly about a crime.

Today I wanted to talk about some good mystery books for teens that youngsters can enjoy. I got an email a few days ago with a request to list some young adult mystery books that this growing generation can also read. Now with summer almost here, once all exams are over and done with, mystery and crime books, which have nothing to do with study books mind you, will be all the rage among the young folk who do love reading rather than playing computer games all day long.


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Mysteries for teens present a puzzle or secret that lead readers (and usually protagonists) to gather clues presented in the story to solve the puzzle or learn the secret by the end of the book. Usually mysteries for teens involve a lot of action and are fast paced. However, recently we have seen a trend of psychological mysteries written for teens that are slower paced with a plot that reveals the true nature of someone or something that happened.