What’s your experience with Nano writing? Did it help? Not?
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Writing Is Not Work: On Finding Your Voice With Creative Writing

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Third day into NaNo Writing … 575 words so far today, but I must be getting punchy. I found these words of wisdom and humor, and they made me LOL. Whoa … I really need to get back to work.🙂

There are always two stages in the development of any new technology: inventing it, and making it useful. The first computer was the size of a room, and slower than a first-grader counting on his fingers. The first telephone transmitted noises so garbled they could barely be understood even when you knew what was being said. We’ve had abilities in nanoscale writing, or “lithography,” for some time, but it was too expensive, too slow, too limited, to be of use in many contexts. Researchers often despaired at using the technique outside of very specific uses, or with huge grants, and many ended up using it simply to write their names as a proof of concept. Now, Boston University researchers say they’ve taken nanoscale lithography to the a new level of usefulness, creating a machine that can lay down previously impossible patterns at the atomic scale, and do it without crippling hassle or expense.


NaNoWriMo Virtual Write-In 11/19/2014

For me, the thrill of NaNoWriMo is writing quickly without an idea of where the story is going. It’s an adrenaline-rush of trusting that the words will come, the story will come, the characters will lead me. And mostly, for me, that happens. I was hoping you’d get a feel of that, maybe even in your short bursts of writing (great idea, by the way). Did you? Were you able to let go of the left-brain in those times?