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  • Warning: Naruto manga spoilers ahead!!
  • Warning: Naruto manga spoilers ahead
  • Naruto has many similarities with  from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters.
  • Naruto has many similarities with  from Inazuma Eleven/Inazuma Eleven Go.

Naruto has many similarities with from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.

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They move out when an overhead announcement tells them that the fleet that was sent to the Land of Wind has been annihilated. Temujin and Naruto head on to find the ship that had attacked the Sand Ninja, beached with all kinds of metal parts in the sand. Once they investigate the vessel, Naruto discovers Kankuro among a room filled with unconscious children amongst all of the rubble. Kankuro immediately attacks Temujin, explaining how the ship had been wiping out Land of Wind villages. Naruto demands an explanation, but all Temujin can reply is 'Noble sacrifices for the greater good.'

A few days later, Naruto was approached by Temari, who was worried about Shikamaru's recent behavior and now asked where he was. Naruto didn't know, and was troubled to find that neither did Choji or Ino. He finally asked Kakashi, who admitted under pressure that Shikamaru was on a secret assignment to the Land of Silence. Naruto joined Temari's team of Suna ninja to go to the Land of Silence to provide assistance to Shikamaru. They interrogated the locals upon arrival and learned that Shikamaru had been captured by the Enlightened Ones. They attacked the prison where Shikamaru was being held and successfully freed him, enabling him to complete his mission by taking the country's leader, Gengo, into custody. Afterwards, Naruto demanded that Shikamaru never keep anything from him again, otherwise their future Hokage—advisor relationship would be very problematic. Shikamaru agreed and apologised. While Shikamaru returned to Konoha, Naruto and several other Konoha and Suna shinobi remain in the Land of Silence to help the country recover from Gengo's control.


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Masashi Kishimoto is a Japanese , well known for creating the series which was in serialization from 1999 to 2014. As of October 2015, Naruto manga has sold over 220 million copies worldwide. Besides the manga, Kishimoto also participated in the making of the films , , , and has written several one-shot stories.