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Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder


Mike Greenway, Director of Play Wales, said: “It is natural for children to play outside in a natural environment. Not to play outside is by implication unnatural. The complexity that nature offers children cannot be replicated artificially. Any attempt to create a virtual alternative will be a poor imitation; and why would we want to? The natural environment provides the widest range of opportunities for play; play that facilitates physical and emotional development. Playing is how children find their place in the world, in time and space. As a species we have evolved outdoors. It is a no brainer! Children know they need to be outside, playing; when we ask them they tell us so. Why would we not want children to have a natural childhood? The fact that we are even having this debate is an indication that something in our society is wrong and needs fixing.”

Wherever you live – be it the countryside or the city – nature activities for children are a great way to get outdoors and active in warmer weather. One of the best spring animal activities for kids is visiting a farm, but there are plenty of interesting animals to be found near waterways, or in gardens and parks as well.


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