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  • by Alice Brass and Nazy Sakhavarz

Orff Day by Day


1999 Personal Grounds, (Frank Perna, Mark Holden, Howard Ross, Matthew Carver,
Gillian Iles, Nazy Sakhavarz, Fiona Smyth, Suzanne Nacha, CocoLeeta,
Marie de Sousa, John Scott, John Abrams, Ian Fraser), Toronto

The Oakville Art Society is hosting a Life Drawing Workshop featuring instructor and York alumna Nazy Sakhavarz (BEd ‘99) on Sunday, Feb. 25, from 9 to 4pm, wrote The Oakville Beaver Jan. 24. An exhibiting artist based in Toronto, Sakhavarz has taught drawing, portraiture, painting, cartooning and life drawing to adults since 1995. A visual arts teacher with the Toronto Board of Education, her professional experience includes children's book illustrations, exhibiting and commissioned works, artist talks and workshops.


Alan Sakhavarz was born in 1945