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Germany: Memories of a Nation


Neil MacGregor's A History of the World in 100 Objects takes a bold, original approach to human history, exploring past civilizations through the objects that defined them. Encompassing a grand sweep of human history, A History of the World in 100 Objects begins with one of the earliest surviving objects made by human hands, a chopping tool from the Olduvai gorge in Africa, and ends with objects which characterise the world we live in today. Seen through MacGregor's eyes, history is a kaleidoscope - shifting, interconnected, constantly surprising, and shaping our world today in ways that most of us have never imagined. A stone pillar tells us about a great Indian emperor preaching tolerance to his people; Spanish pieces of eight tell us about the beginning of a global currency; and an early Victorian tea-set speaks to us about the impact of empire. An intellectual and visual feast, this is one of the most engrossing and unusual history books published in years. "Brilliant, engagingly written, deeply researched." (Mary Beard, Guardian)."A triumph: hugely popular, and rightly lauded as one of the most effective and intellectually ambitious initiatives in the making of 'public history' for many decades." (Sunday Telegraph). "Highly intelligent, delightfully written and utterly absorbing." (Timothy Clifford, Spectator). "This is a story book, vivid and witty, shining with insights, connections, shocks and delights." (Gillian Reynolds Daily Telegraph).

Neil MacGregor was Director of the National Gallery, London from 1987 to 2002 and of the British Museum from 2002 to 2015. His previous books include A History of the World in 100 Objects and Shakespeare's Restless World, both available in Penguin and now between them translated into more than a dozen languages. For his work on the BBC Radio 4 series, British Museum exhibition and book Germany: Memories of a Nation, he was awarded (in Germany) the Friedrich Gundolf Prize, the Goethe Medal and the German National Prize and (in the UK) the British Academy's Nayef Al-Radhan Prize for Transcultural Understanding. He is now Chair of the Steering Committee of the Humboldt Forum in Berlin.


Leitet seit 2002 das Britische Museum in London: Neil MacGregor

Neil MacGregor (68), britischer Museumsdirektor und designierter Gründungsintendant des Berliner Schlosses, wird mit der diesjährigen Goethe-Medaille geehrt. Auch der syrische Philosoph Sadik Al-Azm und die deutsch-brasilianische Kulturmanagerin Eva Sopher erhalten das offizielle deutsche Ehrenzeichen, wie das Goethe-Institut am Dienstag mitteilte. Die Auszeichnung wird jährlich an Persönlichkeiten verliehen, die sich in besonderer Weise um den internationalen Kulturaustausch verdient gemacht haben. Die Medaillen werden am 28. August, Goethes Geburtstag, im Residenzschloss Weimar vergeben.