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Exodus: Gods and Kings Blu-ray


The book I’m most excited to read this week is the new YA sci-fi novel Across the Universe, which has received great reviews. Other books getting a lot of buzz this week include the latest from Brad Meltzer, who is currently hosting Decoded on the History Channel. Plus, the executive producer of the TV show 24 is releasing his debut novel, complete with a 24-hour clock countdown. Check out some of the new books releasing this week:

The new book releases this week include Micro, a posthumous Michael Crichton novel (started by Crichton and finished by The Hot Zone author Richard Preston). , Crichton fans “won’t be disappointed.” The Future of Us, a collaboration between popular YA authors Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler, also debuts this week. The book has an intriguing premise: two teens stumble upon their Facebook profiles back in 1996 and get a preview of what their lives will be like 15 years in the future.


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