• new book smell
  • I love the new book smell the best!
  • I adore old book smell, and new book smell, and everything about the printed word
  • New book smell this is like very hardcore

Scented Soy Candle - New Books Fragrance - 8 oz - By Luminous Candles Company

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Regardless of whether you download your e-books from the or , New Book Smell will bring back those long lost memories of your favorite local bookstore.

So, if any of you are up to the challenge, I’d love an entry for “New Book Smell” for my dictionary of smells. Feel free to add your description in the comments below, or on my


That New Book Smell - Freelance Writer for Hire

So, in conclusion, as with many aromas, we can’t point to one specific compound, or family of compounds, and categorically state that it’s the cause of the scent. However, we can identify potential contributors, and, particular in the case of old book smell, a number of compounds have been suggested. If anyone’s able to provide further information on ‘new book smell’ and its origins, it would be great to include some more specific details, but I suspect the large variations in the book-making process make this a tough ask.