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  • If you’re going to be in New England, contact New Digs for Dogs Rescue through their  so you can meet Tamber and his brothers.

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Dog Warden Julie Lyle officially opened that area Saturday with an event dubbed "New Digs for Dogs." Twenty-seven spacious new cages were filled with dogs ready for adoption. It was a chance to get the public in, adopt some dogs out, and highlight the progress within the office.

Ferne Animal Sanctuary launched its “New Digs for Dogs” project in March 2014 to build a new enhanced kennel block, improved grooming and veterinary care room, information hub, social unit, offices, reception and purpose built rehoming centre at their site in Somerset.


New digs for big dogs under way - Toledo Blade

New Digs for Dogs is located in Murphy, NC....the western tip of the state. We are a dog rescue created by four friends with over 50 years of combined experience. All of us have been involved in shelters as well as rescues and we know the most rewarding experience is discovering someone wants to love an animal that has often never experienced a real home. To see a dog become part of a family, relax and know that all their fears are gone is what keeps us going on to help the next dog....we are selfish that way!