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The New York Review Of Books: A 50 Year Argument Review is a substantial and surprisingly accessible browse through half a century of The New York Review of Books. If only there were more of it.

For over 47 years, The New York Review of Books has been the place where the world's leading authors, scientists, educators, artists, and political leaders turn when they wish to engage in a spirited debate on literature, politics, art, and ideas with a small but influential audience that welcomes the challenge. Each issue addresses some of the most passionate political and cultural controversies of the day, and reviews the most engrossing new books and the ideas that illuminate them.


NYFF52: "The 50 Year Argument" Q&A | New York Review of Books

On March 14–15, 2015, The New York Review of Books Foundation, Fritt Ord, and the Dan David Prize held a conference, “What's Wrong with the Economy—and with Economics?” at Scandinavia House in New York. This video features remarks by Itamar Rabinovich of the Dan David Foundation, Greta Brochmann of the University of Oslo, Richard Sennett of New York University, and Jeremy Waldron of New York University.