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  • Cover, New Yorker magazine, November 29, 1952Illustrator: Arthur Getz 
  • Don't look now, but even New Yorker magazine is piling on the disaster that is ObamaCare.
  • Named "Best Music Class" by New York Magazine and "Most Magical Music Class" by Red Tricycle,

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Wolf Blitzer: "Can't tell you how many people have said to me, David, if they wouldn't have known this was on the cover of The New Yorker magazine, they would have just seen this cartoon and been asked which magazine has this on the cover, almost everyone would have said some neo-Nazi magazine, some Ku Klux Klan magazine ..."

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios has graced the cover of New York Times magazine’s latest weekly issue, just days ahead of participating at the US Open 2016.


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Last week, The New York Times Magazine devoted an entire issue to one story: of how the world has changed since the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003.