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The Family Under the Bridge


Students may develop their own class award for a "Book of the Year". Students may read two Newbery Award books and compare them on their slideshow presentations.

Listedbelow are some of our favorite books of alltime! These books center aroundcharacters who face struggles andfind inner strength and new insightin the process. Some of these journeys of personal discovery andtriumph are historically based--like Hattie's determination to create anew homefor herself onthe American frontier (HattieBig Sky) orElijah's new-found courage in tracking down the thief (Elijahof Buxton).Otherjourneys are contemporary in setting--like Catherine'sjourney of acceptance of her brother's autism in Rules.

Each book below tells apowerful story, and each is a worthy addition to the exclusiveclub of Newbery Award winning books.


Below are the winners of the prestigious Newbery Award