• Will fit a Kindle 3, Nook 1st Generation and Kobo
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  • Nook 1st Generation Touch Screen Midboard Frame: This is to order the part alone
  • Works in Nook 1st generation eReader models including Nook Wi-Fi and Nook 3G + Wi-Fi.

Barnes & Noble NOOK First Edition Wi-Fi eReader BNRV100 - Factory Refurbished


I've had a Nook 1st generation since they first came out and love it. But I spilled wine on mine and well...it died. I researched the paperwhite models available now and decided I still wanted the 1st generation because there is no backlight which is better for nighttime reading before bed. I love my Nook. This one's battery life is actually doing better than mine was doing right before it died. It's had a hiccup or two, mostly in the bottom display turning back on if I tap it to come on, but overall I'm very happy and would buy another one if I had to do so!

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