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Turns out they were right — the Nook Color proved a hit.

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The user interface is attractive and easy to use. B&N kept it simple and consistent so we suspect even the less tech savvy will have no trouble using the Nook Color. Other than the multi-screen desktop, you'll see very little of the stock Android interface here (good for those who want an ebook reader, bad for those hoping for a tablet).

The Nook Color runs on an 800MHz CPU (must faster than E-Ink readers since it must also handle multimedia tasks) and it has 8 gigs of internal storage with approximately 5 gigs available. It has an SDHC microSD card slot for storage expansion and you can put content in either location (just use the appropriate folders-- i.e. put ebooks in the books folder). To further organize content, you can create your own collections, or bookshelves, in B&N lingo. The Color has WiFi but no 3G.


Barnes & Noble Nook Color review - CNET

Unfortunately, the benefit of the rapid charge--and it's fast, I was surprised by how quickly Nook Color juiced up--is offset by the need to use only the included charger and cable in order to power the device. Sure, the charger has pleasing, subtle touches like an outlet plug that collapses into the compact brick, and a glowing Nook "n" that shows its charging status; but it's the only source of power. If you use a cable other than the one supplied, you can only transfer data. At the least, Barnes & Noble should have allowed for a trickle charge, just as you get on the Apple iPad. Want an additional charger? That'll be an extra $25. As for the battery, the company says it should last 8 hours.