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Barnes & Noble NOOK COLOR eBook Reader (WiFi Only)


If you’ve got a laptop or a netbook, you’ve already got a nice eBook reading device. The Barnes and Noble Nook for PC lets you read your Nook eBooks, eNewspapers, and more on any of your computers. It’s available for both Mac and PC, but here we’ll look at the Windows version.

Barnes & Noble eBook reader
nook’s sleek, minimalist design puts the focus on the content, not the technology, and the combination of color and touch make navigation intuitive and simple. Nook eBook reader feels great in hand and features a contoured, easy-to-hold back. About the size and weight of a paperback book, nook is thin, small and portable. Its best-in-class E-Ink Vizplex display is easy on the eyes with text as clear and crisp as a printed book. And with no glare or backlight and adjustable text size, you can read comfortably for hours without straining your eyes. The beautiful lower color touch screen of the Nook eBook reader offers an immersive experience, inviting you to virtually browse through brilliant cover art, flip through an expansive library, or search using a virtual keyboard. nook presents the controls, navigation and keyboard you need, only when you need them.


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I purchased a Nook Study eTextbook, and cannot use my Nook Study eBook program on my PC. I get a no internet connection error message. So I’m sure it is something with my Norton protection’s firewall, but when I called B&N and spoke to their specialized Nook Study department they were NO help. So I’m looking for someone who can tell me how I need to configure my Norton firewall to run this program. I have added the Nook Study to my preferred list by the way, and that has not worked. Plus I obviously have an internet connection, would not have been able to download the Nook Study to begin with. Please help two weeks behind in school already, and this specialized Nook Study department is only open during normal business hours, though the other customer service is open till 11p.m.