• Nook For PCNook App For PC
  • Head to the Nook apps website (link below), and download Nook for PC to your computer.
  • Here’s the details page, showing more info in Nook for PC about the sample book we downloaded.
  • Does anyone know how to remove/delete ebooks from the nook for pc reader?

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Additionally, you can install this application on several devices, for instance your work and home PCs, as it allows you to continue reading where you left off, regardless of the used machine. Also, you can upload e-books in various formats, such as PDF or EPUB, from your computer and read them using NOOK for PC.

NOOK for PC offers several customizable features, namely the font, margins and text size, enabling you to adjust the page to however it feels best to you, without having to sacrifice your eyesight. You can read in full screen or in windowed mode, jump to a specific chapter or browse page after page. You can leave a bookmark where you stop, so you can pick up the next time exactly from where you were.


Using Nook for PC to Read EPUB eBooks

Once you’ve got some books, you can read them from the my library link on the left sidebar in Nook for PC. Click Read Now to start reading a book, or you can choose to see more details about the book or archive it.