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  • Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight
  • Nook GlowLight: 175g, Plastic with soft-touch back and silicone trim
  • Nook GlowLight: 6-inch 758 x 1024 E-Ink Pearl display, 212 PPI
  • NOOK GlowLight: Free cloud storage, 2GB for 2,000 books, Wi-Fi option

Nook GlowLight: 2.5 million ebooks including newspapers and magazines

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The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2 and Nook Glowlight have similar text augmentation features when it comes to changing the size of your font, line spacing, margins and font size. If you hold your finger down in the middle and select text you are able to customize your changes and it dynamically updates. There are six different fonts, 7 different font sizes and 3 different ways to edit margins and line spacing.

The PDF experience on the Nook Glowlight is lacklustre to say the least. You cannot pinch and zoom on this unit like you can on the Kobo Aura or Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2. Instead, you will have to chance the size of the font to initiate a reflow. This is much akin to the old way that Sony used to do things by relying on you to switch up your Zoom level. The page numbers change depending on this. Our DND Monsters Manual was around 280 pages but on the first level of zoom changed to 600 pages and 3rd 800 pages. You also don’t get a preview window that helps orient you on where in the document you actually are. This is likely the weakest part of the Nook e-Reader and likely a deterrent to anyone looking to purchase one.


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It's worth noting that Barnes & Noble is offering an additional discount through the end of the year: new and existing Barnes & Noble members get a 10 percent discount on the Nook GlowLight. You could put that $11.90 toward one of the new Clip Covers, which attach to the left or right side of device and protect the screen while adding very little weight to your e-reader. The new covers are a tad pricey at $21.95 -- they feel like they're worth about $14.95 -- but they do give the device a bit of Apple flair (yes, they look like an Apple Smart Cover, although they don't feature a built-in magnet, which is too bad).