• This video is about Not a Good Look - Pt. 5
  • We all know butt littering is Not a Good Look
  • false lashes and giant hoop earrings are not a good look for the gym
  • Friday Footwear: Fake Jordans…not a good look | Cez'L

Not A Good Look (Fab Life)

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1. Wash your face
Thick foundation+sweating is going to equal nothing but a big gross mess and clogged pores. Then you’ll really be wanting to cover up all those breakouts. Do yourself a favor and take the time to quickly use a makeup cleansing wipe to take off excess foundation. It’s not a good look to see a girl carrying a towel that’s covered in beige makeup goo.

Ladies, I know there’s some pressure to look good at the gym. You’re sweating. There’s guys. Trust me, I get it. But caked on makeup and fake eyelashes is not a good look for you at the gym. Or anywhere for that matter. So how do you look good at the gym? Like all the beauty experts say, it starts with beautiful skin!


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