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Notary Public Educational Information - The following educational materials are provided to you in accordance with Tex. Gov't Code Ann. §406.008(b). 4 How to Use This Guide Become A Notary Public or Renew Your Notary Public Commission Texas needs Notaries. To begin the process of becoming a commissioned. TEXAS NOTARY PUBLIC Identifying Information Please Type or Print Legibly Name to be used as notary public. Texas Notary Law Manual (TX 804) $ 12.95. Texas State Notary Handbook. TEXAS STATE NOTARY HANDBOOK. Prepared and Distributed as a Public Service by the. Texas Young Lawyers Association and the. Notary Public Training Courses Secretary of State notary public education materials and training video are available here on the Secretary of State web site.

A local government was doing a records inventory recently and emailed me about notary public books. The question was: “We have a notary on staff. We pay for the notary fee (new and renewal) because it is essential to the employee’s duties. Will the notary’s records be considered part of the company or are they the personal property of the notary?”


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7. Thoroughly complete notary certificates: The facts you attest to as a notary are what is relied upon by third parties and, therefore, should be descriptive. At a bare minimum, these certificates should contain the venue, the names of the signing parties, the date, and an affirmation or acknowledgment statement. Many state notary handbooks offer examples of acceptable certificates.