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In any case, the unnamed narrator of Notes from the Underground is bitter and misanthropic, but intelligent and well-read. He treasures his underground space as a place where he can truly be unique and true to himself. The narrator is a writer who feels rejected from society. The debate is rather the narrator is just maladjusted or down right insane. He is certainly eccentric. Perhaps he is just misunderstood….

Ethan: “A short but powerful read, Notes from the Underground, served as a great introduction for me to works of Dostoevsky.”


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“For teachers and students, Lodge surrounds the novel with a wealth of fascinating materials for understanding what was at stake for Dostoevsky and his political opponents. Lodge’s introduction is especially noteworthy, as it provides what may well be the most clearheaded summary of the novel and its polemics as exists in print. Yet beyond this historical context, Dostoevsky also wrote the Notes from the Underground as a literary experiment, one in which he stretched the conventions of the novel to their breaking point so as to engage the present in as direct a manner as possible. … Lodge’s translation admirably succeeds in conveying all the energy and urgency of the original for a new generation of readers. From his first word to the last, she lets the Underground Man speak for himself.” — Jefferson Gatrall, Montclair State University