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Now I'm Reading! Level 1: Playful Pals (NIR! Leveled Readers)


Are you looking for a simple story book for your beginner reader? This ebook is a collection of 5 short & silly stories (10 pages and 10 illustrations each), focusing on the short vowel sounds. Contents include: Book 1: Pam - short "a" Book 2: Ben Begs - short "e" Book 3: Swim to Win - short "I" Book 4: Frogs - short "o" Book 5: My Bug Gus - short "u" This is the first volume in the Now I Can Read! series of early readers.

“I’ve just had brain surgery and now I can read your mind,” Dan went on to exclaim as he covered Avon’s whupping of Avon Lake, 31-7. But he had no explanation as to why, despite his telepathic abilities, he still had to use his phone to get the score of the St. Ignatius game.


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