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Episode One

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Kris, 43, has been chasing his dream of being a rock and roll superstar his entire life. He says he’s “addicted to fame” and just like a drug addiction, the pursuit of his dream has cost him everything. Kris’ rock idol, Gene Simmons from KISS, makes a surprise appearance to help set Kris straight. And, Dr. Phil tells Kris what he must do to get his life back on track.

"We are so excited to have Dr. Pollard join us!" says Arkansas Family Dental co-owner, Dr. Samaria Mascagni. Co-owner Dr. Tina Nichols agrees: "As we take on new patients and get busier and busier, our team has been growing, too. We hope that with the addition of Dr. Pollard, we can offer additional office hours to our patients."


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It is acknowledged that most of Dr. Dre's raps are written for him by others, though he retains ultimate control over his lyrics and the themes of his songs.:229 As Aftermath producer Mahogany told : "It's like a class room in [the booth]. He'll have three writers in there. They'll bring in something, he'll recite it, then he'll say. 'Change this line, change this word,' like he's grading papers." As seen in the credits for tracks Young has appeared on, there are often multiple people who contribute to his songs (although often in hip hop many people are officially credited as a writer for a song, even the producer).