• View about 300 miles across of Triton's surface.
  • wielding the Sword of Triton.
  • The Sword of Triton.
  • This is our best view yet of Triton’s surface; the new map has a resolution in some areas as fine as 1,970 feet (600 meters) per pixel!

Of Triton (The Syrena Legacy)


The Sword of Triton was a legendary . Unique among other swords, this weapon possessed a strengthened, ridged and lightened blade that narrowed down all the way to its broad steel hand-guard, a jeweled hilt. Holding far more power than meets the eye, the Sword of Triton channeled mystical unearthly powers.

According to legend, this infamous blade was forged by the sea deity himself in the lost city of . One of the three sapphires of Triton was embedded in this sword, granting the sword its power to bring dead matter to life. This power was used on everything associated with at sea, including their rigging and sails, and move according to the will of whomever wielded it. Anyone brandishing the sword would rule the ship, controlling the vessel to do his indomitable will. Despite its great power, the sword's power was diminished away from any ship. Passed from one ancient mariner to another, the Sword of Triton was most notably favored by and .


The Little Mermaid - Daughters of Triton (Slovak)

The merger of Triton and TAL International has created the world’s largest and most efficient intermodal container leasing company with a container fleet of approximately 4.8 million TEU, resulting in industry cost leadership and an enhanced container supply capability.