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  • Disney Frozen Olaf and Sven #DisneyFrozen

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Olaf immediately grew to like Sven, calling him cute and constantly snuggling his mug. Sven kept trying to take a bite out of Olaf's nose, though Olaf thought he was merely playing and continued to act friendly towards him. At the end of the film, Sven succeeded, but immediately returned it, revealing he was merely teasing, and accepted Olaf's friendship. Their friendship is easily explained by their common traits, being their whimsically childish natures. In spin-off material of the film, Olaf and Sven are featured as a duo, appearing, more often than not, side by side as best friends, sometimes finding themselves in comical mishaps.

Olaf and Sven. Frozen (2013). Wallpaper and background images in the Olaf and Sven club tagged: photo frozen snow queen elsa anna olaf sven disney 2013 animated film.


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