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ROMANCE: Taken by my Cowboy (Historical Western New Adult Romance) (Old Wild West Comedy Romance)

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Perhaps someday I will pick up the old school romance novels I used to read, as ebooks, but for now there are too many great books I want to read.

Recently, I was introduced to a certain sub-genre of literature known as Dinosaur Erotica. Not being much of a reader, I confess I tend to judge books by their covers. After seeing some examples online, I have to say, I wasn’t too impressed with the effort made by these designers and illustrators. The people and the animals aren’t interacting and there doesn’t seem to have been much thought given to composition. I’m not sure exactly who the target audience is for this type of fiction, but I got the idea that a stylized illustration parodying old romance novel covers could add a sense of irony that might draw readers who wouldn’t otherwise have any interest in this type of thing. Here is my first crack at it:


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