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The Option Trader Handbook: Strategies and Trade Adjustments


By demonstrating how options can be used to hedge risks and boost overall returns, The Option Trader Handbook will become one of the most valuable assets in any trader’s portfolio.

Strategies, tools, and solutions for minimizing risk and volatility in option trading
An intermediate level trading book, The Option Trader Handbook, Second Edition provides serious traders with strategies for managing and adjusting their market positions. This Second Edition features new material on implied volatility; Delta and Theta, and how these measures can be used to make better trading decisions. The book presents the art of making trade adjustments in a logical sequence, starting with long and short stock positions; moving on to basic put and call positions; and finally discussing option spreads and combinations.
* Covers different types of underlying positions and discusses all the possible adjustments that can be made to that position
* Offers important insights into more complex option spreads and combinations
* A timely book for today's volatile markets
Intended for both stock and option traders, this book will help you improve your overall trading skills and performance.


The Option Trader Handbook - GBV

The Option Trader Handbook helps readers better understand trade management by providing a thorough compilation of the numerous trade adjustments, hedges, and enhancements that can be made to stock or option positions using derivatives.