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  • Select and edit a column in an Oracle BI Answers Request. Navigate to the Interaction Tab. Here we can add / edit an (existing) Action Link.
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In addition, Oracle Answers is tightly integrated Oracle Interactive Dashboards. Reports, prompts, tables, charts, & graphs created in Oracle Answers can be easily saved, shared, modified, formatted, or integrated within dashboards of the Oracle Interactive Dashboards application.

Still, on a bright note, we finished up around 2.00pm and I went back to my room and started to get Siebel Analytics up and running. After a few hours, I'd got the software installed and configured, brought in the Discoverer Videostore data, and the SH sample schema, and started playing around with Oracle Answers and Oracle Dashboard. First, a screenshot of the administration tool, with the physical, business and presentation elements of the semantic layer:


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Nevertheless, that's not everything yet. Once the report is done, it still remains modifiable. If a user wants to change his point of view or dive into chosen area of data, or change the dimension, he can do it with a few clicks only. It makes Oracle BI Answers faster and easier and - if followed with Web based interface - make it truly a universal tool. Finally, the reports can be saved in different formats or - for instance - kept in Oracle Business Intelligence Presentation Catalog and, there, accessible for all users who could benefit from it.