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The start of The Time began when Prince made a fateful decision to use a song called Party Up that was written by Morris Day. He propositioned Morris and offered to either pay him for the song or help him put a band together. Morris opted for the band, which ended up being an incredibly wise decision and resulted in what the world now knew as The Time and now knows as The Original 7ven. When Prince put The Time together, he crafted a conglomerate of amazing musicians all in one place that could potentially be his undoing.

Now there are many sites dedicated to the history of how things then began to happen and the roots of where the band started, but this post is dedicated to something that raised its ugly head once again and that has led the band to rename themselves as The Original 7ven. A problem that many thought would go away after all of the years of Prince’s dominance of the music charts or as some would put it, a comfortable lead. But decades later and the ridiculousness continues and that has many scratching their heads.


Original 7 Wonders Of The World Pictures #1

It was the dream reunion for Prince fans as all of the members of the Morris Day and The Time clan got back together and planned a tour of the United States as The Original 7ven. We covered it very intensely here at Funkatopia and were very excited to get a chance to see the band play together as a team once more. Then yesterday Jesse Johnson, guitarist for The Time posted a disturbing message on his Facebook account.