My favorite clips from the 2001 comedy Out Cold. Enjoy.
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Out Cold

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"Out Cold". AJ Cook as 'Jenny' in the movie "Out Cold" (from 2001). Wallpaper and background images in the AJ Cook club tagged: aj cook out cold movie.

So for anyone whose motto is ”everybody Wang Chung tonight” or “seize the carp!”, we salute you. Here’s to continuing the tradition of watching Out Cold each snowboard season (and offseason), and hoping one day we can be as much of a stand up guy as Rick Rambis, or complete and total mess of a guy like Luke.


to be out cold [] (= ) → (= ) →

Over the years Out Cold absorbed members of many different bands. It seemed like if there was a relevant band that played hardcore punk in the Boston area that eventually members of the band would end up paying dues in Out Cold. This included members of Cops and Robbers, Last In Line, Fit For Abuse, and Anal Cunt. Members of the band also went on to form side projects like the surf band, 13 Ghosts and C.J. Ramone’s Bad Chopper. While Out Cold never got much recognition in the States they were often more well received in Europe and the few people who caught their live shows knew that seeing Out Cold could be like being hit by a train and somehow surviving. They played short sets with no in between song banter and no intermissions of any kind. After they played ten to fifteen songs audience members were left trying to figure out what happened.