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Chronic Pelvic Pain


These words were echoed by WES President, Paolo Vercellini MD, who emphasised that whereas several guidelines are available on the management of endometriosis, the unique flavour of the WES Consensus is that, for the first time, 16 patients’ societies were included as active participants in the process, thus putting the woman with endometriosis at the centre of global care perspectives.

WES President, Paolo Vercellini, and Chair of the Rodolphe Maheux Award Committee, Luk Rombauts, present Dr Sawsan As-Sanie with her award at the WCE2011 Closing Ceremony |


Paolo Vercellini racconta il mito di Luigi Mangiagalli

"Several researchers believe that a general phenotype exists which is associated with the disease," said study researcher Dr. Paolo Vercellini, an obstetrician and gynecologist at Universita degli Studi in Milan.