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EASY SHOPPING & QUICK DELIVERY: No need to cope with traffic jams or long lines at the check out counter with the BookraK. Using the catalog to make your selections from the comfort of your home, and placing your orders by phone, mail, or directly on this website gives you the ultimate shopping experience for paperback books.

Sometimes called 'Perfect Bound' or 'Softback Books', Paperback Books are the most common type of book on sale in bookshops. Novels, Poetry Books, Holiday / Travel Guides, Academic, Children's Books. Autobiographies and many Trade Books are generally paperbacks.


Vintage Pulp Fiction Paperback Books

3. You can use your credits to order ANY BOOK YOU WANT (each paperback book costs 1 credit)! Just use their search feature to search over a million different paperback books. They have everything! And if you don’t see the book you want, you create a wish list and the minute that book is listed by a member, you are alerted!